Architectural images for builder client PBM projects

A collection of images for PBM projects around Auckland Area by architectural photographer Adam Firth

PBM projects were in the process of renewing the design of their website and hired me as an architectural photographer. They asked me to capture some architectural photography of a few previous jobs of theirs. The images were to be used as hero images on their new website. The properties were located around the Auckland area and ranged from complete re-builds to re-clads. They contacted me with the phone numbers of the owners and property dwellers and left it with me to organise a good time to photograph the properties and create some portfolio images for their new website.

Architectural photography of a property in Hurstville, Auckland

As soon as I walked into this Hurstville property I was blown away with the view. The house had been designed and built in such a way that it really opened up to the view of the harbour. I was only able to capture dusk external images of this property but would love ot go back and do some internals at some stage. How good is this deck looking out to the harbour.

architectural photographer auckland example image at dusk

Below is a shot I took while waiting for the best time to capture the exterior of the house, it shows the lower deck area from the shot above.

A few other images looking back at the build. Dusk architectural photography such as this really shows properties to their best.  Using a professional architectural photographer to create visually stunning images of your past work will really give your portfolio a massive push.

And another angle of the upper deck showing the connection to the kitchen. Standing there at this time of night I could see how this would be such a fantastic entertainers area. A great view, the kitchen right there, what more do you need.

Renovation of Devonport property

This Devonport property was really well done and felt like a great family home. The owners had lived in the property for years and as the family grew they renovated to add space.  Modernising the back end of the house while leaving the front of the property more in line with its original style.

architectural photography by architectural photographer Adam Firth a kitchen example

The bathroom had part of the old fireplace going through the wall. It was a nice way to tie in the old house with the new in the renovation. It is included on the left of the image below. The fireplace makes an appearance in two other rooms and has the effect of tying the rooms together.

A professional architectural photographer is able to balance natural light and introduce photographic light to achieve a natural result. This creates images of internal rooms which make buildings look their absolute best. Something which is simply not possible without engaging this knowledge and skill.

And a couple of external dusk images of the same property. I came back to the property on a night with suitable weather to get these dusk images. Images taken at this time of night can really make the house pop out of the photographs and provide a completely different feel to the property.

Re-clad of a Glendowie property

I also completed some dusk architectural photography of a re-clad project in Glendowie.

And and angle from the other side to show the full scope of the re-clad

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If you need any further information, or would like to talk about creating some stunning architectural images for your business get in touch here, I’d love to help.

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