Property photography

My background in property photography

I completed a great deal of high end property photography for real estate while living in Sydney Australia for around 10 years.  Photographing high end residential real estate is something I really enjoy. Some of the houses I just didn't want to leave they were so nice.







My difference - what can it do for you?

You want to be perceived by your prospects as better and different than your competition. You want to stand out. To do this you need to offer a different service from every other agent out there. You need to offer the best in everything. I have absolutely no hesitation in saying that my property photography is the best property photography available in New Zealand.

Attention to detail while on site and during image retouching delivers property photography which gives you the edge over your competition. My images are retouched by an industry leader in property retouching. He is a ringleader in quality and technique, there is no one else who can offer the consistent quality that he can. That's why I use him, he delivers the best possible end result to me and in turn to my clients.

Quality over quantity

I focus on quality over quantity in comparison to the current norm offered by most real estate photographers in Auckland.

The idea is to only show the areas of the property which are going to attract buyers to the open house. Not show anything that might give them a reason not to come. To put all of our energy and time into those images in order to deliver high end property photography that sets the listing and your real estate company above all the others in the market.

Our images attract the buyers your clients desire. At the same time the images attract the sellers you require to keep listing and selling the properties you want to be dealing with. All the while getting the results your business and your clients needs.


I offer fast turn around 24 hours from the property shoot appointment. Images are delivered via a secure login from my site. Images are stored there for easy access by you and your staff when-ever they are needed.

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property photography

property photography

Property photography vs Architectural photography - whats the difference

I offer both property photography and architectural photography. At first glance they might seem like the same thing but there are some important differences.

Property photography places a large importance on making the rooms of a property look large. Giving viewers the impression there is plenty of space for them to live, and getting them excited that they are getting good bang for their buck. The property photography which I offer is also quite a retouched form of imagery. Colour tones/casts are carefully controlled to create images which are very light, bright, and clean.

Architectural photography on the other hand concentrates more on the space as an artistic construction. Images tend to be less focused on showing size and more focused on creating a stunning image of the space and celebrating it as great work by the architect or builder. They show the way the space and light interact, and are more editorial in nature. Often architectural images will also concentrate on detail areas of a building. To read more about my architectural images have a read of my architectural photography services page. There is also an architectural image gallery here and a commercial interiors gallery here.

What my past property photography clients have to say about me

“I have worked with Adam over the course of my real estate career first when I was entering the industry as an assistant, then as a sales agent, and most recently when I started my own agency. In the years I have worked with Adam he has been a consistently outstanding photographer, always going the extra mile to make sure his clients are getting the image results which will set them apart from their competition.

With the help of Adam our relatively new company has grown from four agents to a staff of over twenty in 18 months, making over 200+ sales a year at present. Adams exceptional photography was a huge part in the growth of our company. With his uncompromising attention to detail, and the constant demand he places on himself to produce the best marketing photography in the industry, we were able to quickly build a strong brand perception of quality.

Adam has always presented himself to vendor appointments making sure he comes across as a part of the company and not as an outside contractor. He interacts with my clients as if they are his own and always presents himself exceptionally well both in terms of dress and social interactions. He has never let me down in the 1000’s of jobs he has completed with me both on quality and a turn around time of 24 hours.

I have no hesitation in recommending Adam knowing that he will exceed any photographic requirements you may have and be a huge asset to the growth of your business helping you to attract the quality, and quantity, of new new listings you require."

Ben Pike - Director - Pulse Property - Cronulla, Australia

"Excellence in the photography of our property listings is fundamental to the success of a transaction. We
have engaged Adam Firth to photograph our property listings for almost ten years. Indeed, Adam is our
most preferred photographer for photographing any of our property listings. Adam’s work is always of
outstanding quality. His attention to detail, creativity and innovativeness are exceptional and he is highly
courteous, prompt and a pleasure to work with at all times. We will certainly miss his significant
contribution but wish him every success in his new endeavours in New Zealand.
We do not have any hesitation in recommending to any agent that he/she engage Adam Firth to
photograph their property listings."

Hamish Robertson - McGrath - Sydney, Australia.

"I am fortunate enough to list and sell about 40 properties a year and Adam Firth was always my first choice as the photographer not just because he cares about the look and feel of every frame but because he adds value to my campaign by producing amazing images that attract buyers like magnets! Seriously, you need Adam Firth on your side as your secret weapon, he is that good!"

Geoff Grist - Richardson and Wrench - Mosman/Neutral Bay, Australia.