Food photography

Why do I love being a food photographer?

Who wouldn’t love being an Auckland food photographer. There is so much good food in Auckland and the variety is also pretty amazing.

The play of light revealing the textures. Colours being brought to their full by the light. The vibrancy of the dishes in the finished images. Making the food seemingly smell off the page. Making the viewers mouth water just looking at the image. I love it. It never gets old.

Even if I don't get always to eat the food which we photograph. But sometimes I do and I won't lie I love that too.

food photographer auckland asian dish

food photographer desert image

professional food photographer 12 small dishes

professional food photographer Auckland New Zealand

food photographer example image of salmon bagel


Why you need to hire a food photographer (yes need)

To really bring a focus to each dish, enabling you to have images in your marketing which get results. You need someone trained and focused on producing stunning images of food. That is my aim as a food photographer and I do it time and time again. Creating images to prompt that restaurant booking, the food book purchase, or even just that social media like. Have you ever looked at a food image and then had a strong desire to eat food similar to the dish in the image? That is why you NEED a food photographer for your business.

Why me?

I use photographic lighting to really bring out dimension in each dish, making the food really come out of the image. Showing the foods shape and texture. I really enjoy processing food image because of how light when used properly brings out all this in the dishes. When retouching the images and I get a buzz from something as simple as the texture of a mint leaf being brought out of the image by the light I have placed across it. I love this attention to detail that working as a food photographer demands and I thrive on it.

If you would like to view further food photography I have completed check out my food gallery.

Auckland food photographer

Auckland food photographer white cracked paint background

food photographer auckland breakfast image

Lets get started

For any questions or quote inquiries throw me a line and Ill get back to you as quick as I can, I'm here to help.

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