Product & Advertising photography

As an Auckland commercial photographer I complete product and advertising photography with the aim of helping businesses reach their marketing goals. I create photographic images for all types of businesses. From large businesses running international marketing campaigns through to local business preparing to distribute letter box mailers in their area. No matter how big or small your business or project is, I can help.

auckland commercial photographer

auckland commercial photographer

auckland commercial photographer

Lifestyle product images

A commercial photographer can help with creating lifestyle images which show your product in use. This is a great way of making the customer fall in love with your product, by including it in a visual story.  Finding the best location to base your products story within. Then waiting for the best time of day and add our own light to further enhance the image. Making sure your product is the absolute hero of the show is the name of the game. After image capture is completed I bring it back to the computer and work on it until the image is the best it can be and the resulting image story (and your product) sparkles like a diamond.

Product images for clear cutting

Another key service I offer as an Auckland commercial photographer is capturing product images for clear cutting. This is also sometimes called deep etching. To acheive a good result I photograph a product (ideally) in a studio setup. Then the background behind the product is removed. This enables the product to be inserted into marketing material. The image can be inserted into websites and brochures with the background of the page showing through. The product then sits perfectly on top of anything behind or underneath it.

clear cut image of outdoor furniture taken by a commercial photographer in Auckland

Hero Product images

If you are after a really polished product image for your marketing, a commercial photographer can help. I will put the time required into creating that perfect image you are after. An image that puts your product in a league of its own against its competing rivals. It takes time to get everything just right but the pay off can be huge. Get in touch today to go over any ideas you have or to pick my brain if you need a hand.



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Hiring an Auckland commercial photographer

Hiring a commercial photographer might seem like a daunting step. But the financial outlay is repaid many fold with the elevation your product and or service will get in return. The resulting images will allow you to reach more customers. And the images will make sure that they become buyers due to the value perception high quality product photography brings.

advertising image of cow in padock

product image by auckland commercial photographer

shower glass comparison product image example auckland commercial photographer

To view further images of mine from past advertising and product clients click this link to go to the relevant gallery. If you would like to talk more about hiring an Auckland commercial photographer to help with the creation of your marketing imagery click here to get in touch