Food and Hotel photography for Rydges Hotel Auckland

Food and Hotel photography for Rydges Hotel Auckland.

hotel foyer photography with staff

I recently completed two days of hotel photography for Rydges Hotels Auckland. The Hotel contacted me wanting to create some new hotel photography for their image library to use for marketing and promotional projects. They needed a mix of room and function area photography, along with some food photography for their hotel restaurant “The Cut”. There were a lot of areas to cover and images to be created. This meant a fair bit of pre planning was involved to make sure we had a good run sheet for the two days activities. The hotel staff were fantastic to work with on this and everything ran smoothly to allow us to create all of the images we aimed. All apart from some externals which I completed on a seperate visit due to weather.

Hotel room photography

The hotel decided to photograph one room from each of its room categories. This would help them to have the correct images for each section about different rooms on their website. This involved a bit of work setting up, taking down, and lugging around my lighting and photographic equipment from floor to floor, room to room but its so worth it to create really strong images of each room with good lighting to show the rooms to their best in the hotel photography.

hotel photography room interior

The room below was on of the more funkily decorated rooms. It had a great feel with loads of space for just a double room. A well used wall between the living and bedroom areas divided the room while making each space feel larger than it would have if the wall spanned the entire width of the room.

high end room interior hotel photography

And its bathroom was pretty spacious also. Bathrooms are always a little tricky to photography when completing hotel photography or any other type of interiors photography for that matter I guess. There are so many shinny surfaces in a small space it makes controlling the light all the more of a puzzle.

hotel photography of bathroom interior

Heres a few of the other rooms I photographed for Rydges Hotel photography.

A twin king (is that the correct terminology?) with study desk. The window view from this room wasn’t great so I over exposed in camera to help disguise it.

hotel room photography of warm toned room with two double beds

A large twin king bedroom with great natural light.

hotel photography of twin double room


And this is a very spacious room with living and kitchen area. This was one of the trickier hotel rooms to photograph due to the segmented shape but Rydges were really happy with the way I split the living and sleeping areas up.

large open hotel room photography

Food photography for the Cut Restaurant – part of Rydges Hotel photography

As a part of Rydges hotel photography I completed some food photography for their restaurant which is called “The Cut”. They have three sections to their restaurant which keeps the dining experience intimate and private. Their food looks absolutely fantastic and was great to photograph.

Rydges hotel food photography of chicken dish

We set up my photographic backgrounds and lighting in the restaurant area during the quiter time of day for the restaurant. This meant I was able to capture all of the images while the chefs were not crazily busy.

steak photographed on slate for hotel photography

When I saw seafood chowder on the hotel food photography shot list for the day in the lead up to the shoot. I thought it would be one of the hardest dishes to photograph. Actually the way it was presented made for a great top down food image. The hotel liked this style of food photography and the background helped to make the dish pop with the focus going to the bowl of chowder.
hotel food photography of seafood chowder

I used the same background for the classic english breakfast the hotel serves.

hotel food photography of the classic english breakfast photographed from the top

And the same dish photographed from the side to give the hotel some flexibility.

hotel food photography of the classic english breakfast photographed from the side

This steak was so nicely presented. One of the hotel staff came down at just the right time. Once we had photographed it he scored himself a pretty good free lunch.

rib eye steak taken for hotel food photography

And lastly a simple image of a good classic beef, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and egg burger. Hotel food photography almost too good to eat, just needs a beer to wash it down I would say.

bacon beef and egg burger photographed for Rydges Hotel restaurant the cut

I also took a few images of the hotels cafe selection.

muffins photographed for Rydges hotel Auckland

Hotel function room photography

Rydges also have a number of function rooms to host company conferences and events. I photographed the rooms for Rydges to use in their marketing to companies interested in using these spaces.

small function room photographed for Rydges Hotel

Above a small function room setup in Rydges classroom layout
function room setup in Rydges wedding layout

And Rydges largest function room setup for a wedding above and for a conference below.

large function room set up as convention layout for hotel photography

The room below is one of the medium sized function rooms photographed for Rydges hotel photography library.

Hotel photography of medium function room

The below room is used for the Hotels dining in the dark experience. You dine in complete darkness and the wait staff are all blind. Sounds like a pretty different and interesting experience.

hotel photography of one of the large spaces at Rydges Hotel Auckland

A few other images taken for Rydges Hotel photography

Heres a few other images taken for Rydges image library during the two days.

We took this one with some of the hotel staff pretending to have a meal to show the restaurant interior with some life to it.

image of couple having dinner taken in hotel restaurant for image library

This is hotel photography of the finer dinning area lounge room.

restaurant interior for hotel photography

And the private dinning area of the hotel restaurant.

private dinning area of Rydges hotel

Finally a couple of the hotel exterior both at day, and night.

Hotel exterior photography for Rydges Hotel Auckland New Zealand

So theres an idea of the images we created in the two days, there were a lot more but this should give a good understanding of the types of images I can supply for Hotel photography bookings.

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