Kitchen photography – Epsom, Auckland, NZ

Kitchen photography for Wood Design.

I recently photographed a kitchen in Epsom Auckland for Kitchens by Wood Design. Wood design are based in Kerikeri but had created a stunning kitchen for a client of theirs in Epsom, Auckland. They needed a local Auckland interiors photographer to complete some kitchen photography to show off the great work they had completed. After a bit of emailing back and forth they booked me for three hours interior photography of the kitchen. Three hours? I hear you say, yes quite a while for a kitchen, but this was a rather large kitchen with a lot of great features.

Kitchen photographer by professional Auckland interiors photographer Adam Firth

A range of images from wide angle to small detail shots to tell a story of the kitchen with photographs

This kitchen has a wide range of details that are not captured in one wide angle photograph. For this reason Wood Design asked me to capture a variety of photographs ranging from wide angle to small detail images. The wide angle images are important to show the overall feel and layout of the kitchen in the image. The detail kitchen photography can then zero in on the details of the kitchen. One of the details which is immediately clear when entering this kitchen is the beautifully carved corners of the island unit. I used photographic lights to bring out and showcase the detail of these, a tricky task since they are black on black.

detail kitchen photography of edge carving on an island kitchen bench in Auckland New Zealand

The image below shows the kitchen island corner detail, and the kitchen bench edge detail together in the same photograph

Good interior styling for kitchen photography

I worked my way around the kitchen discovering all of its little details and creating photographs of them all for the client. Not moment of the three hours were wasted as there was detail after detail packed into the kitchen. Such as the plate drawer with lift out plate holders. The styling of the kitchen was all completed by the house owner. She did a great job placing small items that complimented the kitchen without getting in the way. It makes it some much easier as an interiors photographer when the client has a good eye for styling.

detail kitchen photography of plates drawer in Auckland kitchen

Also at this end of the kitchen was the first of the kitchen rubbish bin drawers. A great way to keep the bin out of the way and at hand. There was one at each end of the kitchen I guess due to the large size of the kitchen.

kitchen photography of draw rubbish bin in auckland new zealand

And heres a couple of images of the other two kitchens rubbish bin drawers at the other end of the kitchen. I took one image for the client with the front bins lid off,

Kitchen photography of rubbish bin drawer in Auckland New Zealand

and another with the lid on to give the client some flexibility in the way they use the kitchen photography in their marketing.

Kitchen photography of rubbish bin drawer in Auckland New Zealand

Another feature which I thought was clever was the corner cupboards. When the doors are opened the contents at the back of the cupboard are brought forward. Making it easier for you to access items without difficulty. There was one on each side of the kitchen at the back so I took images of both for the client.

kitchen photography of clever fold away deep cupboards

Images of the kitchen oven area and its details

The centre piece of the kitchen was the oven. It was a great looking oven and contrasted with the white cabinetry

kitchen photography of white kitchen and black oven

vertical kitchen photograph taken in Auckland New Zealand

Nice and handy roll out oil storage right where you need it.

kitchen photography showing roll out oil storage

Along with more handy storage within the oven surrounds so its all out of site but close at hand.

Did you say storage? So much storage to photograph in this kitchen

kitchen photography of storage cupboard drawers by Auckland New Zealand interiors photographer

kitchen photography of storage cupboard drawers in Auckland New Zealand

kitchen photography of storage cupboard drawers in Auckland New Zealand

And while Im showing you the storage for food, heres the storage for things to cook and eat that food.

Images of kitchen drawers in Auckland kitchen by interiors photographer Adam Firth

So much storage, even on the third bench on the other side of the dinning area.

kitchen photography of great storage cupboard in auckland new zealand

Further information on interiors and kitchen photography

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