Staff portrait photography – Vero Liability, Auckland

Staff portrait photography for Vero Liability Insurance – Auckland.

Vero Liability insurance in Auckland contacted me looking for staff portrait photography of around 40 individuals. Along with this they needed some group images of their staff interacting with each other. Both the staff portraits and the group images were for use on a refresh of their website. The group images were for use in banner images on various information pages throughout the new site. And the staff portrait photography was to use for their staff bio pages.

I set up in their boardroom and created the staff portraits using my portable lighting.

Staff portrait photography

By using various locations and angles within the board room I was able achieve a few different looks. This meant that all of Veros staff portraits didn’t look exactly the same.

Staff portrait photography auckland

I provided Vero with both colour and BW versions of each staff portrait. Also I created some different crops and image sizes so they could simply drop the various sizes into their new site. This made the whole process a lot easier for them and saving a great amount of time.

Staff portrait photography in Auckland boardroom

I captured roughly 20-30 image per person from which they could choose their favourite for retouching and final file output.

Included retouching of each company staff portrait was brighting and whitening of the eyes and teeth. Reduction or dark circles and lines around the eyes, and some gentle skin softening. The images are retouched but don’t look overly false or retouched.

Staff portrait photography

Veros staff portrait photography was captured over a two day period as some staff were away on the first day we shot. This was good as it allowed me extra time to setup and capture the group images Vero were needing for the website banners.

Auckland staff portrait photography

staff portrait photography

staff portrait photography for Vero Liability


Group images captured alongside the staff portrait photography

As mentioned I also captured some images for Vero to use in their website design. The images were intended to show the staff in various work situations around Veros offices. The idea being that people they deal with on the phone could then picture them in this social way and not just as a voice on the phone.

Staff portrait photography group example

Again these group portraits were all lit to create pleasing, dramatic, clean images. I set each image area up with the lights and then called the different staff members in for each shoot. This way the staff weren’t waiting around and I was able to take the time to light each shot properly. All of the staff did an amazing job since being in front of the camera isn’t their normal thing.

Staff portrait photography

Their offices have some pretty amazing views over the Auckland harbour. We took advantage of these in a few of the group portraits.

Staff portrait photography in front of Auckland views

Staff portrait photography group image

And again some more with the views as a great background

Staff portrait photography in front of city skyline views

We even used the elevator area for a few images. Due to its great signage and simple yet elegant interiors it worked out well. Lighting this was a little tricky due to its long restricted shape but it all came together in the end, producing another great image for the new Vero website.

Staff portrait photography in lift area

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