Wedding photography

Wedding photography is truly a pleasure to be a part of. It’s a great creative outlet as it is quite different from the commercial photography I complete during the week.

Wedding Photography in natural bush setting

Wedding Photography ring shot in hands

Wedding Photography of couple on bush walkway

Wedding Photography in city location

Wedding Photography close up of couple

stormy sky sillouette of bridal party group for wedding photography

My wedding photography style

I provide my wedding clients with creative images of their wedding without getting in the way of the actual day. Producing a documentary style to capture the true feeling of your big day with relaxed, natural images you will cherish for a lifetime. Instead of posing people I create a moment or situation which will give me the opportunity to create great images from. This way people are more themselves and I am able to produce wedding photography which is more natural. Showing them in way more true to themselves. I have found the images always turn out much better this way as people are having more fun. And also because they are interacting with each other and this interaction creates more meaning and shows love between them in the images.


Packages start from $950 for ceremony and bridal party photography coverage, with all day packages also available. Just pay for what you need coverage wise and add on extras such as albums later if and when you want them.

For more information on prices and coverage options get in touch and I can get details out to you.

Short duration weddings

I am currently only taking short duration weddings of 2-3 hours. If how ever you feel my photographic style is really what you are looking for but need a longer coverage time let me know. Who knows what is possible.

Bali location Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography close up of bride in veil

Wedding Photography night image of couple under harbour bridge

Where to from here?

To view more images from past weddings I have covered view my wedding image gallery here.

If you have any questions at all or if there is anything I can do to help, get in touch. I'm here to help.